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If you are fed up with wasting money on uncertified cables and delicate chargers that break easily, look no further. This is the strongest, most reliable cable on the market, with a knockout price and a two-year warranty to match. We have put the IronWire to the test and this Apple-certified cable will withstand an extreme amount of pressure. With a sleek design, zero tangles and perfect connectivity, the IronWire is bringing simplicity back into your far from simple life. We have even added some fancy LED lights that flash when your device is fully charged.

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  1. Hi Echo Team,
    First and foremost – thanks again for an amazing product! The cable is really amazing, tangle free and it feels like it will last a lifetime (if not two)!

  2. Love mine,cord is long enough that I can charge and use the phone there was an added bonus that I didn’t know about and that’s the blue LED light that’s built into the cabling notifies you when your phone is fully charged

  3. This cable is awesome, is very strong and long. My son (10 year old) loves your product because he didn’t need have carefull with it. You can make a version without LED light for nocturnal charge.

  4. Wow! I’m shocked that I can be thrilled, let alone enthused by a charging cable – but I am. IronWire is a well-made cable with a cool LED indicator. Exactly as advertised and has excellent customer service – and that in itself sets an industry high bar! Thank you, Echo Team! Keep up the great work.

  5. (verified owner)

    Can you tell me when the iron will be available?
    Best Regards
    Vincent Simonnet

    • Hi Vincent, We hope to have more stock delivered to our warehouse within the next 6 weeks. Thanks

  6. I got the two pack and love the IronWire. When I first used it I was not too keen on the led as I backed it because I thought it would be good next to my bed where I needed a longer cord. I could not sleep with the led next to my head so I put the cord in my car where the extra length was great for passing it to whoever needed a charge including my son it the back seat. It’s strength and durability meant I didn’t have to be so gentle like a regular cord. Apparently I am not the only one who liked the IronWire as it was stolen out of my car! Help! Where do I get a new one? My wife won’t let me have hers.

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